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Sardhana Family History and Ancestry Photos Page

nadirshah1.jpg (8831 bytes) nadirshahb.jpg (39171 bytes)

King Nadir Shah Afshar of Persia (1688 - 1747)

ahmad_Shah_Abdali_b.jpg (57298 bytes)    ahmedShahBw.jpg (93998 bytes)

Ahmed Shah Abdali (Sadozai)  (1722 - 1773)

jfk_b.jpg (24266 bytes)    sulaiman_b.jpg (37597 bytes)

jfkname.jpg (7153 bytes)     Agha Syed Sulaiman Shah s/o Janfishan Khan

AghaUsmanAliShah.jpg (24033 bytes) BegumMubarakBano.jpg (25435 bytes)

Agha Syed Usman Ali Shah and his wife Syeda Begum Mubarak Bano

Zaman_b.jpg (33235 bytes)    Agha Syed Zaman Shah, s/o Syed Usman Ali Shah

Sher1_b.jpg (53491 bytes)    sher_jfkmo_b.jpg (51696 bytes)

                            Sher Shah, son of Syed Zaman Shah Sulaimtomb.jpg (83028 bytes)

Sher standing next to the grave of Syed Sulaiman Shah

relax.jpg (81015 bytes)

Even young Nawably persons need to relax sometimes !!

Youngnawab.jpg (63473 bytes)

Young Nawab-in-training Zayn, Lubna Appi's son, is being

given some "sharpening" in his Nawably skills by Sher !!!