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Inscription on Noor Jahan's tomb
Here I lie, alone.
Alone in this grave, no moth comes to warm
its silken wings on the candles
that no-one has lit for me,
no Bulbul comes to smell the sweet flowers
that no-one has left on my grave.

Nawab Bahadur Syed Mohamed
Janfishan Khan

A nawab engaged in courtship

Agha Syed Sulaiman Shah,
son of Janfishan Khan
Meet my ancestors and their heritage - one of culture and conquest.

Map of Sardhana circa 1841

A beautiful Court miniature
with Farsi poetry
King Nadir Shah, ruler of Persia

Ahmed Shah Abdali

Poems by Akbar Ilhabadi
1911 Darbar

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Sher Shah in front of Jan Fishan Khan's Mausoleum

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