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Bismillah E Rehman E Rahim
In the Name of Allah,
most Wise, most Merciful.

The pen that has the desire to praise the Lord,
from the beginning of time has a friend’s hand. To praise God is difficult and not easy,
Try as one might to glorify the Prophet, it is impossible to glorify him enough.

Chapter 1

On the writing of this book and the loyalty displayed in the Kabul War by Nawab Syed Mohammed JanFishan Khan Bahadur.

After this the Humblest and well-wisher of all his friends, Agha Syed Sulaiman Shah says this to the Inspectors Of the Pamphlets of surprise and foresight, and those who are fond of qualities of the exterior and the essence that he may put to pen some relation or some details of his exalted fathers coming from Kabul to India and of his dealings with the British. Also, his staying in India due to the English Government valuing him. As also the original circumstances of this family in Kabul, the Delhi Mutiny (1857), their stay in India, the lineage of the ancestors, the conditions of the relatives and the family tree, Sulaiman Shah, (the author) may reveal here.

My late exalted father belonged to the family of the great Razavi, Al-Hassani and Al-Hussaini to whit Imam Ali Musa Reza (may Peace by upon him) the king of Khorasan (in modern-day Northeast Iran). And his father’s homeland was at Pughman in the environs of the city of Kabul. The territory and the country of Pughman was the state governed by my father in the time of the king of Kabul, Shah Shuja Ul-mulq.

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