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The late Nawab Syed Khan Bahadur, known as a chief of Afghanistan, was a very wise, alert, respected and capable man. He was the chieftain of the town of Paghman in the environs of Kabul city and his ancestors and family remained nobles of the Abdali Empire from the time of Ahmed Shah Durrani till the time of Shah Shuja.

When in 1840 the Government army went on the Kabul campaign in company with Shah Shuja, and the populace learned of their arrival in Kabul, and this became the talk of the town, and in Kabul a disturbance took place, at that time the officers of the government army considering the Nawab Sahib as an important person made a request to him for assistance.

As the Nawab Sahib had a large party of followers consisting of his sons, brothers, relations and other people, he helped the officers of the government army to the full in the company of that party. He remained constantly involved with the English army and the government army. He was present everywhere and took an active part in consultations and discussions. This remained so until Kabul was conquered by the Government army.

Ameer Dost Mohammed Khan sought salvation through escape. When he was left with no choice, he surrendered to the Government and in accordance with the truth:
Only the rulers understand affairs of their state. Ameer Dost Mohammed Khan was given permission to reside in Calcutta. His son Mohammed Akbar Khan hit the road to Bukhara.

In due course the populace of Kabul and the surrounding area became united and launched an uprising. Naib Aminullah Khan assumed the leadership of the rebels due to heavy rains and snowfall the government army became incapacitated and was surrounded.

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